A Calorie Counter Can Help You Lose Weight

Not all diets require calorie counting, and some dieticians may even tell you it’s unnecessary, but for most people, food calorie counters are an important part of losing weight. Everybody is different when it comes to dieting and discipline, but for the most part, people need guidance and goals to work towards, and counting calories can help with this. Let’s take a look at the role food calorie counters play in a successful diet, and how they can help you lose weight, and keep that weight off.

The Right Food For Weight Loss

Successful, long term weight loss does not come in the form of a pill. The latest diet book won’t offer you a miracle cure. At the end of the day, no matter which way you look at it, you have to burn more calories than you consume. Pills can curb your appetite so that you won’t be hungry while you are dieting. Diet books can offer you ways of eating fewer calories according to a specific diet plan. But, essentially, all diets boil down to the same thing: eat less than you burn!

Food calorie counters can help you make smart choices about what foods you should consume when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. If you are serious about losing weight, and have been battling to achieve your goals, you should begin counting your calories and capping them at an amount that will allow your body to shed the weight. The use of a calorie counter can help you to keep track of what you have consumed throughout the day. Don’t guess as to how many calories certain foods contain. A calorie counter will give you all the information you need.

It is also advisable to use a diet and exercise journal to make sure that you are keeping track of all the foods you’ve eaten. By taking the time to write down everything you consume along with the exercise you are getting, you will be better equipped to see where your problems and where your successes lie. You may be surprised at the foods that are adding excessive amounts of calories to your diet.

Write down every food item you eat in a week. At the end of each day, look up the calories in each food and total the day’s intake. At the end of the week, you can analyze this data, and find your problem areas. You may be surprised, for instance, at how many calories you are drinking every day and choose to replace these liquid calories with food, or water. Or, you may find that on days when you eat a hearty breakfast, you eat less food throughout the rest of the day. Alternatively, you may find that you eat high calorie lunches because nothing else is available. In this case, you can pack low calorie lunches for work or school instead.

Between the food calorie counter and your journal, you should be able to find the success you have been looking for. Remember, there’s no magic cure for weight loss. You will have to watch your calories and limit the amount you are eating.

There are a number of free calorie counters available online. You can also purchase them for your iPhone or PDA so that you have access to them on the go. These tools will help make your diet much easier.

So, what calorie counters do you use? Share them with us in the comments below.

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