How to Give Your Partner the Best Massage

When you’re deciding whether or not to date someone, normally you will look at various different traits in order to decide if they meet your requirements and fit the bill. In most cases these requirements will include such things as looks, intelligence, sense of humour and money, while later down the line you might look at less obvious things like family, compatibility of life goals, religion and politics.

Head Massage Image

Head Massage | Image: o5com

Let me suggest one more important thing to look at though – massage technique. While it might not seem like something that should be an instant deal breaker or sealer, the ability to give a great massage is something that can make a huge difference to your happiness on a daily basis – imagine coming home from work and then getting an amazing massage that completely relaxes you and takes your mind off all your troubles. Sounds pretty good right? And it would suck if that massage was actually really awkward and painful huh?

Well this cuts both ways, and just as a partner’s amazing massage ability may be enough to get you to stick with them, so too could your own poor attempts at massage be enough to get you dumped. So you best sharpen up! Here are some tips to giving your partner the best possible massage… And they don’t require you to be an expert in human anatomy.

Let Them Fully Enjoy It 

Even when my girlfriend gives me the most amazing massages in the world, sometimes they are somewhat sullied by the sheer fact that I know she’s expecting the same thing back right afterward. This then means I’m just counting down to having to give a massage back which prevents me fully enjoying it. Likewise it’s not as much fun when I’m told right at the start ‘this is just a quick one’ because I know it’s going to end any moment.

To get your partner to really enjoy their massage tell them to just relax and kick back and that they don’t have to reciprocate.

Mix It Up

A healthy massage that you get at a proper parlour of course will focus mostly on pressure and on working out any knots or tight muscles to improve your health and comfort. While this is good for us though, a more indulgent massage should look at mixing up the firm pressure with lighter touches. Sometimes it’s nice to get lightly tickled on your back, and sometimes it’s nice to have the tension squeezed out of your quadriceps.

Try Everywhere

Most massages will focus on the back and neck, but there are various areas of our body that often get ignored and as such they feel even better when they do get gently touched. For instance it can feel great to have someone clear out the fluff between your toes, while the backs of the knees are also great to get massaged.

Back Massage Image

Back Massage | Image: Shiatsu Loft Berlin

Make it Loving and Playful

There are certain things you can get from a professional masseuse that your partner just can’t offer. On the other hand though there are things that your partner can do that a masseuse can’t which you can take advantage of – for instance playing with your partner’s ear, or kissing their neck, or just stroking them in an adoring way can be incredibly relaxing and really add to the massage.

Eliza Bron is a retired masseur. Of late she spends most of her time blogging. She offers massaging tips to upcoming masseurs on her blogs.  She has contributed several articles for the site

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