Nutty Nutrition of the Filbert Nut

Hazelnuts have been around for well over 5000 years. The Chinese were the first in the world to cultivate and grow these magnificent nut trees. Hazelnuts are a bush, but with its lower branches removed it can develop into a 12′ to 20′ feet tall tree. The Romans gathered these for consumption, and much of the area around the Black Sea has hazelnut bushes growing in the forests regions there.

Benefits of Hazelnuts

Early on Hazelnuts were known as filberts and recognized for the day in which the English celebrate the day for the French Saint Philbert. Even in ancient times people around the globe understood the benefits of hazelnuts in their diets. From the Chinese to the Syrians, from Romans to modern times this nut has a history of being the best out there.

This small hood shaped nut has been a desire for centuries, and today is no exception. Not only are the benefits of eating healthy, but the advantages from the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional values. Hazelnuts have 3 main vitamins including E, K and B. Vitamin E is a superb antioxidant and helps eliminate free radicals within the body that promote cancer. This is a hugely essential vitamin since it does not form naturally within the body and must be consumed. Vitamin K helps control blood clotting and regulates it when injured. Vitamin B promotes proper metabolism of fats, carbs and protein. Thiamin is part of this vitamin, and can only be found in this specific nut and no other. Thiamin helps regulate the nervous system while helping the cardiovascular arteries.

Additional benefits include multiple minerals within this nut. There are practical amounts of magnesium and calcium both of which improve bone and teeth structure and density. Copper is another crucial vitamin found in hazelnuts which helps slow down the aging process, and also helps people inflicted with arthritis. It helps brain cell activity, increases immunity and is an overall benefit to many parts of the body. No matter how we look at it, the benefits of hazelnuts are simply endless.

Nothing can beat the natural healthy advantages of filberts. Even the monounsaturated fats measure only 13 grams per one ounce serving. With polyunsaturated fats the two together work to reduce harmful cholesterol and benefit a healthy heart. If snacking on these nuts for nutritional value, stay away from the salted and roasted variations. These nuts are salt free and cholesterol free naturally, both of which promote a beneficial aspect for those living a better lifestyle.

People with iron deficiency within the body often eat hazelnuts. The content in these nuts can be superior to most. Just one hand full of nuts contains 1/3rd of the daily intake needed. This is essential to allow blood to absorb oxygen. The more iron in the blood, the more energy the body has to utilize. So just eating regular amount of hazelnuts per day allows for them to be less tired and fatigued.

Gary Anderson is an experienced vegetable retailer from Chicago who has now gone into semi-retirement. Boredom is something Gary cannot tolerate so he has been researching the benefits of Hazelnuts in health and diet. Gary has decided to put some of his new knowledge into weekly articles for a local magazine.

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