Ab Exercises: Press Sit-ups

Press sit-ups can help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduce body fat at the same time! The concept of the press sit-up is quite simple actually, but getting the six pack you have always dreamed of, will take time, dedication, and a lot of patience. We can assure you however, that it will be worth it every step of the way!

Ripped Abs - Press Sit-ups

In order to get washboard abs, you will need to do two things simultaneously:

Build Muscle

Lose Fat

You can achieve this by dieting, or at least watching what you eat, and exercising every day. You need to understand though, that no matter how muscular and well toned your abdomen is, it won’t show if you have a layer of fat over it. But you can do it! You can get rid of the fat and build your abdominal muscles at the same time…

What You Need To Perform The Press Sit-up

Firstly, you will need a barbell. it is advisable to start with a light weight barbell and then move on to using a heavier one when you get used to the exercise. You will also need an abdominal bench.

How to do the Press Sit-up Exercise

To begin this exercise, you will need to lie down on the abdominal bench with a barbell on your chest. Then, position your legs in such a way that they are firmly secure on the abdominal bench extension. This is your starting position.

While you are inhaling, make sure that you tighten your abdominal muscles and glutes, and at the same time, curl your torso like you do when you are performing a sit-up. Then press the barbell to an overhead position while you are exhaling.

Press Sit-up - Ab Exercise

Press Sit-ups

Important Tip

You should make use of your arms to push the barbell out as you do this exercise while still remaining focussed on the abdominal muscles.

Then you lower the upper part of your body back down to the starting position while you bring the barbell back down to your torso. And don’t forget to breathe in while lowering your body. Watch this video to get a better idea of how to do the exercise.

You should do four sets of as many repetitions of this exercise as you can. To increase the fat burning effect of the exercise, rather increase the number of repetitions before increasing the weight, as you improve.


We highly recommend having a spotter while doing this exercise. This way, it would be a lot easier to get the barbell away from you if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. You should also start with an empty bar, and try not to use jerking motions while performing this exercise. As you improve and want to get  more advanced, you can use a decline bench.

With a lot of dedication and hard work, you will definitely get those washboard abs before you know it. Remember to drink lots of water and eat healthy and nutritious meals. Don’t forget that you need to be patient in order to achieve your goal. Six packs don’t happen overnight unfortunately.

What’s your secret to getting ripped abs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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