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Lose Weight the Fun Way

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a chore, exercise can be fun! Here are some ideas that can help you burn calories while having fun at the same time.

Cardio Workout Jumping Jacks

Cardio Workout Video

In this video, our fitness instructor demonstrates a series of cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up, improve your overall fitness and endurance, and burn unwanted fat.

Skipping Warm-up

Skipping Warm-up

In this video, our fitness instructor demonstrates skipping as a warm-up exercise. You don’t even have to have a jump rope to skip, you can just pretend.

Jump Rope Singles

Jump Rope Singles

Jump Rope Singles or skipping is a very simple, yet effective exercise. Jumping rope can be done almost anywhere and is a great way to get your heart rate up.

Air Boxing Demonstration Video

In this video, our fitness instructor demonstrates how to do air boxing, an effective exercise for your upper body, shoulders and core, and also as a cardio workout.

Jogging on the Spot

Jogging on the spot for a minute or so, is a good way to warm up before your workout, as shown in this short video.

Jumping Jacks

In this short video, our fitness model demonstrates how to do jumping jacks, which are a great exercise either as a warm-up or cardio workout.

Work Out and Get Fit Without the Expense

How to get fit and stay healthy without the huge expense of gym membership and startup fees.

Mountain Climbers Video Demonstration

Mountain climbers are an intensive cardio exercise for the legs. Watch this short demonstration video to see how to do this exercise correctly.

Burpees Workout Video

The burpee is an intensive full body exercise that incorporates both strength training and cardio all in one. There are very few exercises that cover as many muscle groups with such intensity, while still giving you a great cardiovascular workout.