How to do the Plank Exercise

In this short video, our fitness instructor will demonstrate how to do the Plank, a great exercise for your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs and core strength.

Bench Press Video Demonstration

In this short video, we show you how to do Bench Press, a very popular chest exercise that works your Pectoralis Major muscles (chest), shoulders and Triceps.

Tricep Exercises: Weighted Bench Dips

Weighted Bench Dips are a great exercise to build up your triceps. Follow this step by step guide to learn the correct technique for Weighted Bench Dips.

Push Ups for Beginners

An easy to follow video tutorial demonstrating the correct technique for doing a beginners or modified push up, which requires less strength while you are starting out.

Chest Workout: Cable Crossovers

A step by step guide on using the cable crossover correctly for your chest workout, and a list of tips to ensure you are doing the exercise safely, and getting maximum results.