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Eight Things Not to Do When Dieting

More people die from obesity each year than they do starvation, so losing weight is the smart thing to do. Here are 8 things you shouldn’t do when dieting.

Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy: Is It All Just A Scam?

We take a look at hypnotherapy for weight loss, how it works, and whether it is an effective alternative, or if it is just another money making scam.

Weight Loss Tips

20 Easy Tips to Lose 10 Pounds

A list of 20 easy tips to help you lose weight and change the way you live and eat, resulting in a healthier diet, and natural weight loss.

Dying to Lose Weight

Dying to Lose Weight – Why Kill Yourself

If you believe the weight loss hype, you can eat carbs only and lose weight, eat no carbs and lose weight, eat cabbage only and lose weight… but beware!

Tips for a Flat Belly

5 Tips to Lose Your Flabby Belly

Are you looking for a diet to get rid of that pesky belly flab? Here are five excellent tips that can help you lose your belly fat, and improve your health.

A Digital Food Journal Will Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

We take a look at the advantages of using a Calorie Intake Counter as your Digital Food Journal to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

3 Day Diet Review: The Good and the Bad

We review the 3 day diet, a low calorie diet that claims you will lose anywhere between 3 and 10 pounds (1.4 – 4.5Kg) in just three days. Read all about our findings, the good and the bad…

A Calorie Counter Can Help You Lose Weight

For most people, calorie counters are an important part of losing weight. We take a look at the role food calorie counters play in a successful diet, and how they can help you lose weight, and keep that weight off.

The Truth About Fad Diets

The results of research by the American Heart Association into quick weight loss diet plans and fad diets, and their effects on the body and health of dieters…

How To Lose Baby Belly Fat After Pregnancy

It’s no secret that most woman are left with a few extra pounds of baby fat on their tummies after giving birth. Well, the good news is that while getting back in shape takes focus and determination, you can lose these pregnancy pounds relatively quickly, by following this simple two week post pregnancy fitness program.