Workout Music

5 Resources for Awesome Workout Music

Here are 5 resources for great workout music to help you work harder, motivate you to keep going longer and help you produce better results while training.

Weight Loss the Fun Way - Hacky Sack

Lose Weight the Fun Way

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a chore, exercise can be fun! Here are some ideas that can help you burn calories while having fun at the same time.

Cardio Workout Jumping Jacks

Cardio Workout Video

In this video, our fitness instructor demonstrates a series of cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up, improve your overall fitness and endurance, and burn unwanted fat.

Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Workout

In this Upper Body Workout Video, our fitness instructor demonstrates how to do a series of upper body exercises, including a few warm-up exercises.

Work Out and Get Fit Without the Expense

How to get fit and stay healthy without the huge expense of gym membership and startup fees.

Burpees Workout Video

The burpee is an intensive full body exercise that incorporates both strength training and cardio all in one. There are very few exercises that cover as many muscle groups with such intensity, while still giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

Get a Great Workout Without the Gym

Exercising doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, and being short on cash shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting enough daily exercise. With a little creativity and determination you should pretty much be able to exercise for free every day! Here are a few exercises and activities you can do without the need for […]

Push Ups for Beginners

An easy to follow video tutorial demonstrating the correct technique for doing a beginners or modified push up, which requires less strength while you are starting out.

Exercising With Your Partner

We know times are tough at the moment, and not everyone can afford to pay expensive gym membership fees, or hire a personal trainer. However, this shouldn’t stop you from exercising regularly and living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some great exercises you can do with your partner that won’t cost a cent!