The Business of Obesity Infographic

How Much is Obesity Costing the United States? [Infographic]

The United States has the second-highest obesity rate in the world! But what impact does this have on the economy? Here’s an infographic that tells it all.

Fitness Tips for Kids - Kids Football

Fitness Tips for Kids

As a parent you need to come up with creative ways of getting your kids outside into the fresh air. Here are some easy tips to keep your kids fit.

Dangers of Obesity and Heart Disease

The Dangers of Obesity & Heart Disease

According to clinical studies, obesity and heart disease are closely related, and with rising global obesity statistics, there is serious reason for concern…

Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Here are some great weight loss tips for teenagers to help them achieve lasting results, and make lifestyle changes that will improve their overall health.

Health Risks Obese Women Face

Health Dangers Obese Women Face

Overly obese women are putting their health and lives at risk by being overweight, and face a additional serious health challenges that don’t impact men.

Metabolic Syndrome: Obesity & Its Health Risks

An in depth look at Metabolic Syndrome, a condition often associated with obesity. We also discuss the resulting health risks, and ways to prevent or reverse metabolic syndrome.

The Definition Of Obesity & Its Causes

A look at the definition of obesity, it’s causes, symptoms and the health risks. We also discuss ways to prevent or reverse obesity, and why it’s a growing concern.

Obese Children and Diabetes

Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic in the United States and much of the Western world. One of the reasons for this is that the number of obese children is on the rise, and these obese children are growing into obese adults. Read on as we explore the relationship between obesity in children and diabetes.

Obesity Can Lead to Heart Disease or Stroke

How obesity, body fat and your body mass index are determined, and how you can reduce risks of health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.