Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Popular weight loss wisdom these days is that while there are many ways to lose weight quickly that actually do work, the problem is that you usually won’t be able to keep the weight off. Well this is generally true for a number of reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that to lose weight and actually keep it off, you need to fundamentally change your lifestyle and eating habits in the long term.

Weight Loss Tips

Well, we would agree that the faster you lose weight, and the more extreme the diet, the more likely you will be to put the weight back on again later. This is because most quick weight loss solutions and fad diets don’t allow your body enough time to adjust to new healthy eating habits, nor do they take long term lifestyle changes into consideration. However, we believe that you can indeed lose weight quickly and keep it off by simply employing some of the basic healthy eating principles that most people already know, or have heard of.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Breakfast

First of all, make sure you eat a healthy breakfast every day. Skipping breakfast is not what someone trying to lose weight quickly should be doing. Eating a healthy breakfast will kick start your metabolism when you wake up, after it has slowed down during the night. Think of it this way, your metabolism is like a furnace, it needs to be fed with fuel in order for it to work at its optimum best. So get your metabolism working as soon as you wake up with some fruit, cereals and a glass of water, and it will begin burning calories almost immediately.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking approximately two litres of water per day is another quick weight loss tip that works well. Water keeps the body hydrated and stops it holding onto fluid which will make you feel bloated and increase your weight. This is sometimes hard to understand, but the more water we drink, the more water our bodies naturally let go of. Not only that, drinking plenty of water helps to lower the amount of fats that the body stores. So add water to your diet and you’re bound to lose weight quicker.

Eat Less Salt

On the same note, salt is no friend to anyone trying to lose weight. Salt will make your body want to retain water, which will give you that bloated feeling. So the more salt you can cut out of your diet, the more weight you can potentially lose.

Choose the Right Foods

What’s also good to know when looking for tips to lose weight quickly, is that some foods require the body to work harder to break them down. The result of this is that your body will use up far more calories to digest them. This means that you can lose weight quicker by eating foods, such as. raw fruits and vegetables and anything that is made out of wholegrain.

Eat More Fibre

Furthermore, wholegrain also falls into the fibre groups of food, and eating more fibre makes our bodies feel fuller than they actually are. So make sure that you are eating sufficient fibre, such as brown rice, wholegrain breads and also leafy vegetables.


Then of course, including some physical exercise in your weekly routine will not only help you to lose weight faster, but you will also begin to strengthen your bones and muscles. Remember, more muscles burn more calories… and your stamina and mental abilities will also improve with regular exercise… 😉

If you have any other great tips to lose weight fast and keep it off, please share them in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast”

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for these great tips. It’s funny how these are things we already know, but never think of when we want to lose weight.

    • This is very true Michelle. Most of the principles behind successful dieting are actually common sense, however, we often need someone to point these things out to us first, before we consciously acknowledge them and put them into action.

      That’s what we are here for… just to nudge and guide you in the right direction, and remind you of things that you most likely know, but that aren’t at the forefront of your mind… 😉

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