Totally Insane Pecs Workout

Let me start this article by telling you not to stick to the workout I’m about to share with you religiously. I see far too many workouts online for this that that are written rigidly as far as the number of sets, repetitions and particular weights go, and expecting people to follow them regularly to the T. This is entirely the wrong way to workout, as it will mean you’re not getting any variation in your workouts, nor tailoring them to suit your own body, or even how you’re feeling at the time.

Insane Pecs Workout

Insane Pecs Workout | Image Source

The workout you do today should be completely different to every other workout you’ve done this week, and in fact ever. You should alter it as you go, to respond to how your body is feeling and you should aim to do as many repetitions as you can past failure, even if you’ve completed the number you wrote down for yourself.

This workout will target your pecs, and is intended to give you ideas on how to train, and for some moves you might not have done before. I’ve left a lot of things like the number of reps and the precise weights open to interpretation – but as long as you put in enough effort this will leave you with a major burn. Enjoy.

Actually scrap that. Don’t enjoy…

Bench Press Supersetted With Press Ups

A superset means working out using two exercises. Rather than resting, you will move straight from one to the other. So in this case you are doing as many bench presses as you can, then moving straight on to press ups and back again without pause in between.

Press Ups

Press Ups | Image Source

Partial Reps Chest Press

Now move over to the chest press machine to do some partial reps. This means you will be doing a fraction of the movement and time – so pushing out just the first quarter of the press, then just the middle portion and then just the end. Do about 8-10 of each for one set and repeat the whole thing ten times.

Muscle Ups

If you don’t know what these are, then watch the video below. It’s basically a pull up where you go on top of the bar and then press your own bodyweight.

Dumbbell Presses with Burns

A dumbbell press is a bench press… but with dumbbells. Surprise, surprise. The exciting bit here though (read as ‘sadistic bit’) are the burns. After you’ve done as many reps as you can do with the presses, you are now just going to ‘bounce’ the dumbbells a little at the bottom of the movement so that you are doing as much of the move as you can still do. The amount you can do is gradually going to get less of course – so keep going until you can’t move them at all. Then rest and repeat.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell Press | Image Source

Rocking Press Ups Supersetted With Cable Flies

Rocking press ups are press ups where you rock down from one pec to the other so that you are doing the press up more with one side than the other and alternating. Cable flies are standing flies using the cable crossover machine.

Flush Set of Chest Presses

Now head back over to the chest press and do a flush set. This is a set where you are going to set it on a light weight and then just do as many repetitions as you can for a single go. Aim to perform 75 or 100 and this will pretty much ‘flush’ all the remaining will to live out of your chest.

Now that really hurts right? It should – it’s a brilliant workout. What I want you to take from this though is not the precise moves themselves, but this kind of intensity and the use of more creative techniques, and set constructions. Now it’s your turn to come up with a new way to torture yourself.

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