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Fight Procrastination

7 Great Ways to Fight Procrastination

Procrastination is the arch enemy of personal productivity, and can affect you at home, work, or in the gym. Here are seven highly effective ways to fight procrastination.

Hair Loss From Exercise

Is Your Workout Causing Hair Loss?

Did you know that excessive exercise can lead to hair loss? Well it can… but not all is lost. Here’s how you can enjoy all the benefits of exercise, while avoiding hair loss.

How to Boost Your Confidence

How to Boost Your Confidence [Infographic]

A stylish infographic with 10 Easy Steps to Boost your Self-Confidence, and help you find success and fulfilment, and achieve your goals in life.

Front Plate Raises

Front Plate Raises

A step by step guide on how to do Front plate raises, an exercise that targets your shoulders, making them look wider and your body more balanced and athletic.

Fitness Tips for Kids - Kids Football

Fitness Tips for Kids

As a parent you need to come up with creative ways of getting your kids outside into the fresh air. Here are some easy tips to keep your kids fit.

Low Cable Tricep Extension

Cable Tricep Extensions

In this tutorial, we show you how to do three variations of the Cable Tricep Extension which primarily target your Triceps, but also help your chest and shoulders.

Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Tricep Exercises: Dumbbell Tricep Extension

A step by step guide on how to do the Dumbbell Tricep Extension, an exercise that targets your triceps muscles, while also working your chest and shoulders at the same time.