5 Easy Ways to Turn your Body from a Ford into a Ferrari

When you buy a new car it looks absolutely amazing. Everything about it is perfect. Every weekend you will spend hours cleaning it so it shines. When anything is wrong with it you fix it straight away. You almost treat it like a child. After a few years a car that’s been well looked after still looks great. The body looks perfect, whereas a car that’s not been maintained looks like a piece of junk. What if you were to swap your body and the car’s body around? The car’s body looks amazing because it’s been maintained, but your body looks like it’s been left out in a field to rot.

Get Enough Sleep

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If you want your body to look great and feel healthy you need to start maintaining it. That unfortunately means you need to make big changes. These kinds of changes are going to mean living a different way, or doing things differently. It all depends how much you want it. Do you want the car that still looks brand new after all those years? Or do you want the one with the paint chipping off? If you’ve decided that you are willing to make the big changes required then here are five ways to turn your body from a Ford into a Ferrari.

Go for a Massage

You might think a massage is only good for relaxation, but that’s only a tiny part of it. You will feel more relaxed than ever and it will do your mental health the world of good, but it’s also an excellent way to look after your body. Your circulation will open up allowing more oxygen to travel around your body. All the horrible toxins will be flushed away. There’s countless other things it can do, plus it feels better than anything you can imagine.

Do your Stretches

When you wake up in the morning you should try and stretch before you do anything else. We always sit down far too much and it’s not good for our posture. Cavemen didn’t work in office buildings, so we have a disadvantage. Stretching is an easy way to overcome it. If you can’t see yourself getting up and doing it every morning you could always join a yoga class and take lessons a few times per week.


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Eat Healthier than Yesterday

All of us have the ability to eat healthier than we did the previous day. You don’t need to stuff yourself with pasta and cereal every day. You can always eat vegetables, fruit, and fresh fish. Stop eating all those sugary cakes when you walk past the bakery. If you stop eating rubbish your skin will look much better and you won’t look fat.

Take Supplements

Supplements are great ways to make sure we are getting enough of the right stuff inside our body’s. You know that it’s not always easy to get everything you need solely through food. Start with a multi-vitamin tablet and maybe some omega-3 oil. Watch yourself start to feel better as the days go by and supplementation might become a regular habit. Just remember that popping pills doesn’t mean you can neglect real food.

Get Enough Sleep

You don’t win any prizes for staying awake each night for as long as possible. It’s actually harming your body and you won’t be running at full capacity. Everyone loves to sleep, so don’t resist the temptation to call it a night when you’re busy watching a stupid TV program. Stop using all technological devices an hour before bed and you will get to sleep much easier. Sometimes it’s impossible to sleep when your mind is still hyperactive.

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