20 Easy Tips to Lose 10 Pounds

There are a number of steps you can take to help you lose weight. Follow these simple tips and change the way you live your life and eat. The result will be an overall healthier diet, and natural weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips

Tips for Losing Weight

  1. Drink about 8 glasses of water a day. Your body needs water to flush out toxins and waste, resulting in a healthier body.
  2. Start your day out by drinking a glass of water, before you do anything else that morning. Get the water into your body to jump start your system.
  3. Before you eat any of the other meals during the day, drink a glass of water. The water will help you feel fuller and eat less during your meal.
  4. Drink another glass during the meal. The water helps your food digest better and helps you eat less.
  5. Avoid sweetened bottled drinks. The sodas are filled with sugars that will make you gain weight.
  6. Add water vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and watermelons. They contain about 90% water that will provide you with essential water as well as nutrition.
  7. Replace sugary and starchy foods with natural healthy food.
  8. Eat fresh fruit versus drinking fruit juice. Packaged fruit juices are sweetened while fresh fruits do not have the additives and they add essential fibre to your diet.
  9. Add fibre to your diet. Your body needs fibre to function properly, just like it needs water.
  10. Eat leafy green vegetables as a source of natural fibre.
  11. Avoid the garnishments on your food. These little tasty additives are fattening.
  12. Set a standard time for meals. When you have a schedule, your body becomes adjusted to the schedule, and this can help you lose weight.
  13. Eat only when you are really hungry. Eating when you’re not hungry is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain.
  14. Avoid snacking between meals. Eat the scheduled meals so you will be hungry at those times.
  15. If you must snack, eat vegetables or fruit. Natural foods are far better to eat anytime of the day.
  16. Learn to control your cravings for sweets. You can still have sweets, but in moderation and small doses. Satisfy your craving by only having a bite or two.
  17. Avoid fried foods. Fried foods add a large amount of fat to your diet that most people cannot burn, resulting in them gaining weight.
  18. Eat foods from the basic food groups at every meal, every day. These foods will help keep you healthy.
  19. Resist drinking too much coffee and tea. Avoid adding sugar and creamers to the drinks. The caffeine is not good for you, and effectively slows your metabolism causing fatigue.
  20. Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. They are not good for you and are fattening.

We hope you find these tips useful, and that they will help you lose weight more easily. Use them to create a healthy new beginning in your life. Also, if you have any additional tips that work for you, please share them in the comment below.

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