If You Believe These Myths, You’ll Never Have 6-Pack Abs

Getting sleek, toned, sexy abs is like winning the lottery – everyone wants to, but few people actually succeed.  Why is the famed 6-pack so illusive?  Usually, washboard stomach wannabes suffer from misinformation and unrealistic expectations.

6-Pack Abs Myths

We are going to expose six common myths people believe about 6-pack abs.  Have you fallen victim to any of these mistruths?  If so, it is high time we set you straight!

Myth #1:  Your Ab Exercise Needs to Last 30 Minutes

If you are doing crunches for a half hour, you are doing them wrong.  Check your form.  Are you using your body’s momentum instead of making your abdominal muscles work?  Do it properly and your ab exercise doesn’t need to take more than five minutes.

Myth #2:  You Must Exercise Your Abs Every Day

Not only is this statement false, it is also dangerous.  Just like every other muscle in your body, your abdominals need a chance to rest and recover.  In fact, muscles are built during the resting period.  If you don’t give them a chance to recover, your relentless ab exercises are pointless.  At a minimum, you should be exercising three times a week.  However, you shouldn’t workout more than five times a week.

Myth #3:  For Best Results, Save Your Ab Exercises for Last

Some people claim you’ll see better results if you wait until the end of your workout to exercise your abs.  In reality, the best time to work your ab muscles is anytime you will actually do it.  In fact, it might be tempting to slip out of the gym without working your abs at all if you save that exercise until last.

Myth #4:  Do Your Crunches as Slow as Possible

The tortoise might have won the race, but slow crunches won’t get you a prize.  In fact, it could cost you the prize since a super-slow workout is less effective than a normally paced one.  You use your core for just about every activity – walking, lifting, pushing, carrying – and rarely would you perform a common, every day activity in slow motion.

Myth #5:  Ab Exercises Will Get Rid of Belly Fat

Ab exercises will increase endurance and strength.  They won’t burn belly fat because spot reduction doesn’t work.  If you want to expose your toned abs and get rid of your belly fat, you need to get rid of all your fat.  Try a mix of cardio, weight-training, and flexibility exercises.  Round off your efforts with a healthy, low-calorie diet and you’ll be good to go!

Myth #6:  For Best Results, You Must Exercise Your Abs with a Weight Machine

If you are interested in boosting your strength, then yes – you’ll want to add some weights to the situation.  However, if you just want to have sleek, sexy abs to show off, you don’t need fancy equipment.  Do you want to know the most effective, most cost efficient, readily available tool for acquiring 6-pack abs?  The floor!

Can you think of any other 6-pack abs myths that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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