Straight-leg Sit Ups

Video: Straight-leg Sit Ups

In the above video, our fitness instructor demonstrates how to do a Straight-leg Sit Up. This is an advanced type of sit up that targets your abs.

Straight-leg Sit Ups

Straight-leg Sit Ups

Are Straight-leg Sit Ups Bad for You?

Many people believe that straight-leg sit ups are bad for your lower back. While this is arguable, straight-leg sit ups are more difficult, and therefore take more practice. If however, you suffer from lower back pain, or have suffered a neck or back injury, you should rather avoid straight-leg sit ups, as you will need more support as you work your abdominals, and you could strain your lower back.

Always use a mat or cushioned surface under your back, and if you are unsure, consult your doctor before doing straight-leg sit ups.

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